Another King James Bible Believer


Where is the verse that tells us the King James Bible is the preserved and inerrant words of God?

There is no verse in the Bible that says "The King James Bible is the infallible words of God." You know that. I know that. Everybody knows that.  Neither does the Bible contain the words “Trinity”, nor “Rapture”, nor “sermon” nor even the word “Bible”

Neither is there any verse that says the things we hear from the bible agnostics all the time. Things like "Only the autographs are/were inspired" or "only the original languages are inspired and inerrant" or "we have many reliable translations" or "we need to look at the Greek and the Hebrew" (never identified), or "No doctrines are changed" or "No translation can be inspired" or any of these mindless mantras we hear from these unbelievers in the inerrancy of ANY Bible they can show us.

What we do know is that God cannot lie and He always tells the truth. The Bible tells us this. We also know that God has promised to preserve His words and that heaven and earth will pass away, but His words will not pass away.

 The Bible often speaks of the word of the Lord, the words of God, the Scriptures, and "the book of the Lord".

So there must be such a thing as a real Book that has all His inspired words in it and that is always true and does not contain falsehood.

I and many other have taken these things seriously and examined the evidence. There is only one Book that meets these qualifications, and that is the King James Holy Bible.

I honestly believe it is the complete and inerrant words of the living God.  You can pick one up for yourself at any bookstore, Christian or secular.

Now when I ask version rummaging bible agnostics what IS the inerrant Bible all they can manage to do is mumble more inane platitudes like "we have many reliable versions", or "I use the..."  or "I prefer the ESV, or the NIV, or the NASB, or the NET or the Cabbage Patch bible or the Daffy Duck Version."  But they will  NEVER tell us which Bible if any of them honestly believes IS the complete and inerrant words of God.

Why? Simply because they do not believe such a thing exists and they are just too dishonest to admit it.

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