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What a Bible Agnostic REALLY thinks.



What a Bible Agnostic REALLY thinks.

Mark H. says: "Will Kinney, Maybe you need to reread my prior comment; "Are bible versions corrupt? Yes, as all bibles are translations. Therefore, none are holy written". Do I need to clarify deeper? "

Hi Mark. Yes, you DO need to clarify what you believe (or rather, what you do not believe) further.

Most bible agnostics and unbelievers in the inerrancy of ANY Bible will go as far as to tell us that "ALL translations are corrupt", or "No translation is the perfect and inerrant words of God" (like you do).

 BUT by your silence or omission, you seem to want to give the impression that you have an UNTRANSLATED, perfect and inerrant Bible in "the" Greek and "the" Hebrew that you DO believe in and use as your Standard by which you sit in judgment on "ALL translations" and pronounce them corrupt and imperfect.

But the FACT is you do not believe that ANY Bible in ANY language - INCLUDING "THE" Greek and "the" Hebrew is now or ever was the complete and inerrant words of God.  Right?

Don't lie about it. I know that is what you think.  So, why not just be honest and up front about it and admit it?

This is why you are a Bible agnostic and an unbeliever in the inerrancy of ANY Bible.

And it also shows a lot of pride and presumption on your part.  Your statement that "ALL translations are corrupt and have errors in them" implies that you have an Absolute Standard (those non-existent, never seen by you "the originals") and that you know and understand them perfectly (even though they do not exist) and that you have examined "all translations" and by your own "expertise and deep insights" into the meanings of those originals you have never seen, determined that nobody in history was ever used by God to give us an inerrant Bible in ANY language.

So just honestly face up to the fact that you ARE a Bible Agnostic (you don't know for sure) and an unbeliever in the inerrancy of ANY Bible in ANY language. And that is what i have been saying about you and most Christians today all along.

I and many other Christians DO believe that God has actually worked in history through a group of men to give us a perfect, complete and inerrant Bible that is in print and can be read and believed by millions of people.

This is faith, but not a blind or unreasoning faith.  The King James Bible alone has 100% purity of doctrines, no provable errors, and it exalts the Lord Jesus Christ to the utmost while other inferior "bibles" degrade and corrupt his glory.

And we have God's witness through history that the King James Bible IS God's perfect book and Final Authority as the written words of the living God.

Here are some examples of these truths.

Fake Bibles Do Teach False Doctrines

The Absolute Standard - God's Historic Witness to the Absolute Truth of  The King James Holy Bible

Many Modern Versions Degrade the Person of the  Lord Jesus Christ.


Matthew 27:24; Matthew 28:6; Luke 23:42; John 3:13; John 7:8-10; Matthew 5:22; Mark 9:24; Philippians 2:6-8; 1 Corinthians 10:9, 1 Corinthians 15:47; Micah 5:2; 1 Timothy 3:16 and "Worship" or "Kneel before"?  Romans 14:10-12; Isaiah 32:2 "a MAN shall be as an hiding place"

"He that hath ears to hear, let him hear."  Luke 8:8


God bless.  

Will Kinney  

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