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"We need to update the language of the King James Bible"

"We need to update the language of the King James Bible."

Hi all. The problem, as I see it, is that whenever some one wants to "update" the King James Bible, they always mess it up and either come out with different textual readings or more often, they come out with entirely different meanings that end up creating theological errors.

I have one article some of you may be interested in looking at.

“Should we dump the King James Bible because of archaic language?”


If we really believe God has worked in history to give us an inerrant Bible in the English language of the KJB (and I do), then why change it?

Even when "Bible correctors" criticize one of the older words like "to let", they know what the word means in the context. So why not learn the meaning of a few words that you might be unfamiliar with?

People do this all the time when they become interested in some new hoppy or profession like art, science, business, cooking, medicine, mechanics, etc. You have to learn new words and what they mean, right?

to Let

“For the mystery of iniquity doth already work: only he who now LETTETH will LET, until he be taken out of the way.” 2 Thessalonians 2:7


Read the article. It is not very long and you will be surprised at how many "modern" versions still use the word "to let" meaning "to restrain or hinder".

Just as an example of how wrong people can be about this issue, Ron N. suggests the Modern English Version. But this thing has a whole lot more problems with it that just not using the correct and more accurate "thee, thy, thou and ye"

The MEV is just another example of how they always mess things up when they SAY they are just "updating" the KJB.

The Modern English Version 2014 - Just Another Perverted Bible Babble Buffet Pretender to the Throne.


Others have suggested the New King James Version.  This thing has LOTS of serious problems many people are unaware of. To find our more what it is really like, see my study on it here -

Is the NKJV the inerrant words of God?  You have GOT to be kidding, right?



ALL of grace, believing the Book - the King James Holy Bible,

Will Kinney

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