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Response to video "Is the King James Version of the Bible the most accurate translation?

My Response to the 14 minute video “Is the King James Version of the Bible the most accurate translation.”

Dr. Plummer, who made this video called “Is the King James Version of the Bible the most accurate translation”, gives us a lot of misinformation and outright hypocrisy from a man who himself does not believe or will ever show you a copy of ANY Bible in ANY language that he honestly believes is now or ever was the complete and inerrant (100% true) words of God.

One of his first remarks is that it is wrong to criticize or denigrate other translations. He apparently is totally unaware of just who started this vicious attack on the King James Bible and who continues to criticize and attack it as bring full of errors and based on the wrong texts.

He should read what Westcott and Hort had to say about the Textus Receptus, the basis of all Reformation bibles. Or what the RSV editors said, or what men like Dan Wallace, R.C. Sproul and the chief editor of the NIV, Edwin Palmer, all have to say about the King James Bible.

See for yourself in this article “Who Started This Attack on the Bible?”


Then he recommends we read The King James Version Controversy by James White. I have read his book some 4 or 5 times and use it to write a lot of my own articles defending the King James Bible.

James White SAYS he believes the Bible IS the infallible words of God, but he will NEVER show you a copy of it or tell you where to get one.

See “James White - the Protestant Pope of the New Vatican Versions” for more detail about what he really believes.


Then he gives us the usual Party Line about 1 John 5:7 and he omits a lot of factual information as to why this verse IS part of the inspired Scriptures. The man has obviously been reading too much James White.

See my article on 1 John 5:7.

Then he goes into the usual claim that the modern versions are based on this wealth of almost 6000 manuscripts, trying to give the impression that there are only “minor differences”

The reality is that these modern Vatican versions reject the Majority of these 5000 plus manuscripts as well as the Reformation TR, and instead are based primarily on two manuscripts they constantly refer to as “the oldest and best”, which not only disagree with the Majority text but disagree with each other some 3000 times in the gospels alone.

If you really want to know what these so called “oldest and best” manuscripts are like with many concrete examples, then see “The true character of the so called "Oldest and Best Manuscripts"


Then he goes into the usual argument we hear about the “archaic” language of the King James Bible and how hard it supposedly is to understand.

See my rebuttal to this in "Archaic and Inerrant" beats "Modernized and Wrong" Any Day of the Week.


It also includes a Vocabulary Test you can take using the modern versions to see if you would pass the test, as well as a linked article showing WHY all those “thee”s, “thou”s and “ye”s are far more accurate to the underlying Greek and Hebrew texts than is the generic “you” of the modern versions. It is impossible to have an accurate translation in English without them.

He also gives a glowing recommendation to multiple modern bible versions like the ESV, NASB, NIV, Holman Standard, etc.

Yet none of these modern versions agree even with each other in many texts and meanings. They all often reject the Hebrew readings and add hundreds of words to the Hebrew text, especially the ESV, and they DO teach false doctrines in many places.

Nobody, including James White or the man who made this video seriously believes that any of these bibles are the inerrant and 100 % true words of God.

For examples of false doctrines in these modern versions see -

“For ye have perverted the words of the living God, of the LORD of hosts our God.” Jeremiah 23:36

Mr. Plummer closes with a reference to what the KJB translators themselves supposedly thought about their translation. Though we do not hold the KJB translators as our final authority in everything they personally thought or believed, but The English TEXT itself God guided them to use, yet the KJB translators did say this about their own work -

“Truly, good Christian reader, we never thought, from the beginning, that we should need to make a new translation, nor yet to make of a bad one a good one; but TO MAKE A GOOD ONE BETTER, or OUT OF MANY GOOD ONES ONE PRINCIPAL GOOD ONE, NOT JUSTLY TO BE EXCEPTED AGAINST that hath been our endeavour, that our mark."

The King James Translators also wrote: "Nothing is begun and perfected at the same time, and the later thoughts are the thoughts to be the wiser: so if we build upon their foundation that went before us, and being holpen by their labors, do endeavor to make better which they left so good...if they were alive would thank us...the same will shine as gold more brightly, being rubbed and polished."


The King James Bible believer is the only one today who consistently, historically and logically stands for the doctrinal truths that God has kept His promises to preserve His inspired words and that there really exists such a thing as a complete, inerrant and 100% true Holy Bible.  

ALL of grace, believing the Book of the LORD - the King James Holy Bible,  

Will Kinney. 

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