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Participles as Commands -  Another King James Bible Critic Bites the Dust.

Participles as Commands - Another King James Bible Critic Bites the Dust.


A self appointed Bible critic who claims to believe in the inerrancy of the Scriptures and yet who criticizes ALL Bible versions that have ever been made tells us the following -


He says: “In Matthew 28:19 Jesus uses the word "Go". In English this word implies a command. But in the Greek this word is not a command. It is "as you are going" or "as you are being made to go". The translators made a mistake in the tense of this word. God is not commanding us in this verse to GO into all the world.”

End of comments by our “deep and knowledgable budding scholar” who even admitted that he is no expert in biblical languages.


Not only does the King James Bible correctly translate this verb in the participle form as “GO” - a command, but so too do the Geneva Bible, the Revised Version, the ASV 1901, the RSV, NRSV, ESV, NIV, NASB, NET, NKJV, Holman and an host of other Bible versions both in English and in foreign languages.


What our Bible critic apparently is ignorant of is the fact that participles can legitimately function in a wide variety of ways.  They can serve as adjectives, adverbs, nouns and commands.


There are many examples of all of these in virtually every Bible translation made all through history.


The Greek word found in Matthew 28:19 and correctly translated as “GO” is  poreuthentes - πορευθεντες.  This is technically called a nominative plural masculine aorist passive deponent participle.  That is quite a mouthful, isn’t it.


Well, the main point of this brief study is to show that participles like this CAN serve as COMMANDS when correctly translated into other languages.


We have many examples of this type of thing in all the translations.


Here is an article by Bill Mounce, who serves on the Committee for Bible Translation. It is titled “The Participle as Imperative.”

Here Mr. Mounce informs us regarding some guy who says Matthew 28:19 should not be translated as GO but as “as you are going”. (Just as our bible critic just did)

He writes: “The pastor’s misunderstanding stems from an inadequate knowledge of Koine Greek. While it is true that poreuthentes is a Greek participle it is not true that it should be translated like an English gerund (a form that is derived from a verb but functions like a noun: e.g, asking, thinking, etc.). In the Matthew passage poreuthentes “fits the typical structural pattern for the attendant circumstance participle” (NET Bible, p. 1744, note 2) with the participle picking up the mood of the main verb. Since matheusate is an aorist active imperative, poreuthentes should be translated “Go.” Jesus’ instructions are proactive; we are to move out into the world, not simple make disciples when we happen to be there. (The interested student should turn to Dan Wallace’s Greek Gammar Beyond the Basics for a forty-some page discussion of the participle in Greek.)

I decided to check this grammatical “rule” (rules being generalized statements of the way language works) so with the help of Accordance I found that in the New Testament there are twenty-seven occasions where poreuthentes is followed by a main verb in the imperative mood. The result? In every case the participle should be translated as an imperative.”

[End of Mr. Mounce's comments]


As I was saying, there are many examples of this type of thing found not only in the King James Bible but in ALL bible translations.

Matthew 2:13 - ARISE and take the young child

Matthew 9:6 ARISE and take up thy bed

Matthew 9:13 - But GO YE and learn what that meaneth.

Matthew 17:27 - that TAKE, and give unto them for me and thee.


Matthew 21:2 - LOOSE them, and bring them unto me.


Matthew 22:13 - BIND him hand and foot and take him away


Matthew 28:7 - And GO quickly, tell his disciples that he is risen from the dead

Mark 9:22 - HAVE COMPASSION on us, and help us


Mark 16:15 - GO ye into all the world

Acts 16:9 COME OVER into Macedonia and help us

Acts 20:31 - Therefore watch, and REMEMBER, that by the space of three years I ceased not to warn everyone

Acts 21:24 - Them TAKE and purify thyself


Acts 25:5 - GO DOWN with me and accuse this man


Romans 12:9 ABHOR that which is evil, CLEAVE to that which is good

Romans 12:10 BE KINDLY AFFECTIONED one to another

Romans 12:17 - RECOMPENSE to no man evil for evil. PROVIDE things honest is the sight of all men.

Romans 12:18 LIVE PEACEABLY with all men.

Romans 12:19 - Dearly beloved, AVENGE NOT yourselves

2 Thessalonians 3:12 - that with quietness THEY WORK, and eat their own bread

2 Timothy 4:11 - TAKE Mark, and bring him with thee

Hebrews 13:5 - BE CONTENT with such things as ye have

James 1:21 - Wherefore LAY APART all filthiness


James 5:1 - Weep and HOWL for your miseries

1 Peter 1:13 - Wherefore GIRD UP the loins of your minds

1 Peter 2:18 - Servants, BE SUBJECT to your masters with all fear

1 Peter 3:1 - Likewise, ye wives, BE IN SUBJECTION to your own husbands

1 Peter 3:7 Likewise, ye husbands, DWELL with them according to knowledge

1 Peter 4:8 HAVE fervent charity among yourselves

1 Peter 4:9 - USE HOSPITALITY one to another

1 Peter 4:10 - MINISTER the same one toward another

The King James Bible is always right. Don’t let some self inflated, wannabe “Greek expert” who doesn’t know half of what he thinks he knows, undermine your faith in God’s perfect Book - the King James Holy Bible.


ALL of grace, believing the Book,


Will Kinney

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