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 How to Answer these Alleged “Translation Errors in the King James Version”

How to Answer these Alleged “Translation Errors in the King James Version”

This is a rabidly anti-King James Bible site that is full of hypocrisy, ignorance and venom, that promotes the Textus Receptus and the NKJV, though they clearly do not believe that any Bible in any language is now or ever was the complete and inerrant words of God.

They start of with one of their wild, off the wall comments, saying: “The King James Version contains certain translation and textual errors which will facilitate a global transition from the true Gospel of Jesus Christ to the false gospel of the Antichrist.”  

Obviously we are dealing here with some people whose mental faculties have become unhinged and whose capacity for rational thought is on the level of that of a poached egg.

The purpose of this study is to give other King James Bible believers a way to address these alleged “errors” and refute them.

I will address each example and provide a link to where you can see how and why the King James Bible is NOT in error at all.

Here is their Laundry List of alleged errors that, according to them “may be used to promote the false gospel of the Antichrist.”



1.  Holy Ghost

2. Jehovah

3. Jupiter & Mercurius

Acts 14:12 Jupiter and  Mercurius or Zeus and Hermes?

4. Mount Sion

5. The New Testament

6. A Falling Away

7. Great Tribulation

8. Antichrist

9. In the hand and upon the forehead

Revelation 13:16 and 14:9 “to receive a MARK IN their right hand or IN their foreheads”  


Revelation 20:4 "...neither had received his mark UPON their foreheads, or IN their hands"

Is the King James Bible wrong?

10. Giants

Genesis 6:4 and Numbers 13:33 - GIANTS or Nephilim?

11. End of the World

12. Easter

Easter is the correct word in Acts 12:4 and this is why

You can see this anti-King James Bible site and their alleged “errors” here if you wish.

And if you wish to see why the NKJV, which these people promote as their flexible “Standard” is not the inerrant words of God, see this study here.

Is the NKJV the inerrant words of God? Not a Chance!

ALL of grace, believing the book - the King James Holy Bible.

Will Kinney

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