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John 8:59 - "going through the midst of them, and so passed by."


John 8:59 KJB - “Then took they up stones to cast at him: but Jesus hid himself, and went out of the temple, GOING THROUGH THE MIDST OF THEM, AND SO PASSED BY.”

διελθων δια μεσου αυτων και παρηγεν ουτως

ESV (NIV, NASB, NET, Holman, All Catholic Versions, the Jehovah Witness NWT) - “So they picked up stones to throw at him, but Jesus hid himself and went out of the temple.”

The omitted words “GOING THROUGH THE MIDST OF THEM, AND SO PASSED BY.” are found in the Majority of all remaining Greek manuscripts including Sinaiticus correction, A, C, E, F, G, H, K, M, S, U, V, X, Gamma, Delta, Theta-c, Lambda, and Pi.  It is also the reading found in some of the Old Latin copies, as well as the ancient Gothic, Georgian, Syriac Peshitta, Harclean, Palestinian, and Slavonic bibles.  

Lamsa’s 1933 translation of the Syriac says: “and he passed through the midst of them and went away.”

Some, but not all, of the Egyptian manuscripts like Vaticanus, P66, P75 and D omit these words, and so does the Latin Vulgate, but Alexandrinus and C contain the reading.  

The previous English bibles of Tyndale, Coverdale and the Bishops’ bible 1568 also omitted these words.

All these extra words - διελθων δια μεσου αυτων και παρηγεν ουτως - are found in the Greek texts of Stephanus 1550, Beza 1598, Elzevir 1624, Scrivener 1894 and in the Modern Greek Bible.


English Bibles that contain all these words are the Geneva Bible 1587, the Beza N.T. 1599, Whiston’s N.T. 1745, the Wesley N.T. 1755, the Worsley N.T. 1770, the Haweis N.T. 1795, The Bill Bible 1671, The Thomson Translation 1808, The Revised Translation 1815, the Webster Bible 1833, The Longman Version 1841, the Julia Smith Translation 1855, The Smith Bible 1876, The Revised English Bible 1877, Darby 1890, Young’s 1898, The Clarke N.T. 1913, the NKJV 1982, The Koster Scriptures 1998, The Laurie N.T. 1998, Third Millennium bible 1998, The Last Days N.T. 1999, The World English Bible 2000, The Tomson N.T. 2002, The Apostolic Polyglot Bible 2003, Green’s literal 2005, The Pickering N.T. 2005, The Resurrection Life N.T. 2005, The Complete Apostle’s Bible 2005, the Jubilee Bible 2010, The Hebrew Transliteration Bible 2010, The Scripture 4 All Translation 2010, The Aramaic New Testament 2011, The Bond Slave Version 2012, The Biblos Bible 2013, The English Majority Text N.T. 2013, The Aramaic Plain English Bible 2013, The Hebrew Names Version 2014, Modern English Version 2014, The Modern Literal New Testament 2014 and The Hebraic Roots Bible 2015.

Foreign Language Bibles

Foreign Language bibles that contain these words are the Spanish Sagradas Escrituras 1569, Cipriano de Valera 1602, the Reina Valera’s 1960-1995 (but the 2011 and 2015 editions have now omitted them), the French Martin Bible 1744, French Osrtervald 1996, and French Louis Segond 2007 - “en passant au milieu d'eux. C’est ainsi qu’il s’en alla”, the German Schlachter Bible 2000 - “mitten durch sie hindurch, und entkam so.”, The Italian Diodati 1649, La Nuova Diodati 1991, and the Italian Riveduta 2006 - “passando in mezzo a loro, e cosí se ne andò.”, The Portuguese A Biblia Sagrada and the Almeida Corrigida 2009 - “passando pelo meio deles, e assim se retirou.”, the Czech Kralicka Bible, The Bulgarian Bible, the Hungarian Karoli Bible, the Polish Updated Gdansk Bible 2013 - “przechodząc między nimi, i tak odszedł.”, the Smith & Van Dyke Arabic bible, the Russian Synodal bible, the Tagalog Ang Salita ng Diyos bible 1998 - “ay dumaan siya sa kalagitnaan nila sa ganoong paraan.”, the Afrikaans Bible 1953,  and the Romanian Fidela bible 2014 - “mergând prin mijlocul lor şi astfel a trecut.” 


The Modern Greek Bible - Εσηκωσαν λοιπον λιθους δια να ριψωσι κατ' αυτου· πλην ο Ιησους εκρυβη και εξηλθεν εκ του ιερου περασας δια μεσον αυτων, και ουτως ανεχωρησε.

And The Modern Hebrew Bible - אז ירימו אבנים לרגם אתו וישוע התעלם ויצא מן המקדש ויעבר בתוכם עבור וחלוף׃

God either inspired these words and they belong in the Bible or He didn't and they do not belong. The evidence is overwhelmingly on the side of the King James Bible and not the modern Vatican supervised Versions like the ESV, NIV, NASB, NET and Jehovah Witness versions that NOBODY (not even the people who keep churning these things out) really believes are the inerrant words of God.

All of grace, believing the Book - The King James Holy Bible.  


Will Kinney


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