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Hal Lindsey discusses the Bible Version Issue

 You can now listen to a 28 minute teaching video on this subject here if you like - 


Hal Lindsey answers Which Bible do you use and why?


Watchman Warning - posted June 11, 2009.


It is about 10 minutes long and you can see what Hal says about “the” original Greek text and which version he thinks is best. 


Response #1. Hi all. Hal Lindsey is a brother in the Lord, but he says many outrageous things in this video. In this short video of 10 minutes he refers to "the original Greek", "the original Greek manuscripts", "what the original writers wrote" and "the original Scripture" some ten different times as though it were something he has seen and studied and has a copy of right there in front of him. But he has never seen such a thing in his life, and he knows he hasn't.


What Hal is actually reading from and promoting is the UBS/Nestle-Aland ever changing Critical Greek text that is the basis of the new Vatican Versions that are the result of a formal agreement with the Vatican to produce an "inter confessional" text to unite "the separated brethren".  Don't believe it?  See the documented evidence here from right out of the Nestle-Aland textbook, the UBS website and the Vatican's own homepage.


Undeniable Proof the ESV, NIV, NASB, Holman Standard, NET etc. are  the new "Vatican Versions"


Hal also mentions John 1:18 the only begotten GOD (NASB) versus "the only begotten SON" (KJB and all Reformation Bibles). The NASB reading is a Vatican reading which not even all critical text versions follow. It teaches that there are TWO Gods. #1. The God no one has seen, and #2 the only begotten GOD who explains the God no one has seen. Count them.  There are two Gods.


See John 1:18 the only begotten Son, or the only begotten God?


It is funny to hear brother Hal talk about how he doesn't speak the "archaic" language of the King James Bible, and yet he constantly refers us to what he calls "THE" original Greek.  Mr. Lindsey's "the" original Greek is far more archaic and hard to understand than anything you will find in the English text of the King James Bible, yet he seems to thing that his archaic Greek is a better standard than what many thousands of us believe are the infallible words of God as found in the English text of the King James Bible he refers to as "not a very good translation."

And secondly, there is no such thing as "the" original Greek and Hal knows there isn't. What he is using is in fact a particular evolving Greek text that is based on primarily two old manuscripts that not only disagree with the vast Majority of all remaining Greek manuscripts, but also with each other.


Most people have no idea what these so called "oldest and best manuscripts" are really like and how many contradictory readings they have.  The more likely reason they did not long ago turn to dust as thousands of other manuscripts did is because they were seen as being hopelessly corrupt and nobody used them. If you use something every day, it wears out and a new copy needs to be made. That's why they didn't wear out. Some 8 to 10 different scribes kept changing and correcting the one and 3 or 4 worked on the other, and apparently finally gave up on them.  That's why they survived the ravages of time.


See the facts about these so called "oldest and best" here


Mr. Lindsey also mentions 2 Timothy 3:16 and his "much more powerful and literal God breathed" instead of "given by inspiration of God", and yet his own NASB and many other Bibles as well as the lexicons tell us this Greek expression should be translated exactly as it stands in the King James Bible - "All Scripture is GIVEN BY INSPIRATION OF GOD" and not as "God breathed." 


See "given by inspiration of God" or "God breathed"?


It is obvious to me and many others that what Hal Lindsey tells us throughout this 10 minute video is the usual misinformation from a man who has bought into the misguided idea that these two so called "oldest and best manuscripts" are the original text, even though NO Bible in history was ever translated from them until 1881 when the English Revised Version by apostates Westcott and Hort came on the scene and everything began to go downhill from there on.  And Mr. Lindsey has NO infallible Bible to believe in himself even though he tries hard to give you the impression that he does.


So what is the Bible Mr. Lindsey "uses"?  Well, he recommends the NKJV, even though it is primarily based on the same Greek texts Mr. Lindsey tells us are the worst, and he prefers the NASB.  Does he believe the NASB is the inerrant words of God?  Of course he doesn't. At one point Mr. Lindsey says "None of them are the best translation in every word. You have to go and verify it in the Greek."


I wonder if Mr. Lindsey thinks the NASB as well as the NET version done by his friend and professor at Dallas Theological Seminary, Daniel Wallace, are among the best versions when they both teach in Psalm 78:36 that the children of Israel DECEIVED God. They don't say that they thought they deceived Him or tried to deceive Him, but they actually DECEIVED the God of Israel.  


See "Can God be deceived"?  A NASB, NET blunder here -


In his 10 minute video Mr. Lindsey comes out with some really off the wall statements like “most of the KJV translators weren't believers.  King James just took a bunch of scholars and said Translate it.”  He also complains that many King James Bible believers seem to think that Paul used the King James Bible.  I don’t know of a single KJB believer that says this. 


Mr. Hal Lindsey and all of Dallas Theological Seminary are in fact unbelievers in the existence of ANY Bible in any language that IS or ever was the complete and infallible words of God, and they are now pushing the new Vatican Versions like the ESV, NASB, NIV, NET and Holman.


All Mr. Lindsey managed to do in this video was to give us 10 minutes worth of misinformation and empty claims about "the original Greek manuscripts" and many folks believe all this Baloney he dished out because he's a seminary trained "scholar" and a well known "Bible" teacher.  


I don't dislike Hal Lindsey in the least. I firmly believe he is a brother in Christ. I even know him personally to some degree. Years ago in the late 1960s and early 1970's when I was a new convert to Christ during what was called "The Jesus Movement" when thousands of young hippies were getting saved, I lived for a couple of years in a Jesus House called God's Love in Berkeley, California. There were several older Christian men like Daddy Jack Sparks, Bob Guio and Moishe Rosen who were working with us and teaching. Hal Lindsey came on several occasions to our communal house and taught us Bible lessons.  


But when it comes to the Bible version issue, I am in complete disagreement with him. I believe, along with many thousands of others blood bought children of God, that God HAS acted in history to give us His complete, inspired and inerrant Book and this Bible is the King James Holy Bible.


It is small wonder that Mr. Lindsey and those who follow him don't want to discuss the Bible version issue with any half way knowledgable King James Bible believer. Their own basic unbelief in an inerrant Bible would soon be exposed as well as the fact that these new versions they like so much are in fact the new Vatican Versions. 


All of grace, believing the Book - the King James Holy Bible,


Will Kinney

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