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Note from Adullum Films, the producers of A Lamp in the Dark, and Tares Among Wheat, and Bridge to Babylon, all three which are excellent films,  can be seen on Youtube.  Learn about the Jesuit counter Reformation conspiracy to destroy faith in what the Catholics refer to as "The Paper Pope of Protestantism" (i.e. The Bible) as being the infallible words of God and the final authority.  


A Lamp in the Dark - enter the Jesuits (30 minute video)  


You can see the entire 3 hour film "A Lamp in the Dark" here - 


Tares Among the Wheat is the sequel. You can see it here -


Bridge to Babylon - Rome, Ecumenism & The Bible - A Lamp In The Dark Part III


Adullum Films writes: “Dear Will, you seem like a brother in Christ who is concerned about having a faithful and accurate record of the Word of God. To this, we certainly agree. We may not see the Biblical record in the same way that you do, however, we certainly believe that the Authorized Version is the most faithful and accurate translation we have in the English language."


To whom I answered:

Hi Adullum Films. Thank you for responding. You are right; we do not see the Biblical record or more specifically The Bible in the same way. I also believe Chris Pinto is a brother in Christ. I do not doubt that at all.  However his position and beliefs about “the Bible” differ very little from those of James White and Bart Ehrman.

I asked Chris on the phone if he believes the Bible IS the infallible words of God. The same question I asked James White and they both said that they do.  I then asked Chris where I can get a copy of this infallible Bible and he told me “it’s complicated.”  And when further pressed, he then told me “Only the originals ARE inspired and inerrant.”

I then pointed out to him that he was using a present tense verb - ARE - when he said “Only the originals ARE inspired and inerrant.” and then I made the obvious point that there ARE no originals and he knows there ARE no originals.  He has never seen a single word of them a day in his life. So, what he was doing is confessing a faith in something that he knows does not exist.

Chris and probably others at Adullum films seem to lean toward the position that “the” Textus Receptus is the infallible words of God, but there are some problems with this view.  There is no such thing as “the” Textus Receptus.  There are varieties of the TR but they are not all the same.  If you are referring to the TR of Elzevir brothers, who first referred to the Traditional Text as “the text received by all”, then keep in mind that NO Bible was ever translated into English or any other language using “the” TR of the Elzevir brothers.

And the TR that the Trinitarian Bible Society put out in 1894 by Scrivener, is in fact a BACK TRANSLATION from the KJB into the Greek that the KJB translators chose from Beza, Stephanus and less so from Erasmus.  

Another problem is the fact that the TR is not the whole Bible. We also have the entire Old Testament as well.

The Geneva bible was better than the Vatican Versions like the ESV, NIV, NASB, NET and Holman stuff, but it was not the infallible words of God.  God has put it on the shelf of oblivion.

See examples from my own study called  “Deficiencies of the Geneva Bible”

And it was not Tyndale’s N.T. or the TR either.

See my article called “Tyndale, the Textus Receptus or the King James Bible”  here-

The Christian who professes to believe the Bible has only 4 Options open to him. Most Christians today fall into Options 1, 2 or 3. The King James Bible believer is in Option #4.

See “Was there a Perfect Bible before the King James Bible?”

I understand that Chris Pinto was going to debate James White, primarily about the Sinaiticus mss.  I have seen some recent blogs by James White and his fellow bible agnostics discussing it and some are trying to paint Chris Pinto as some kind of a nut for claiming the Jesuits and the Vatican are involved in producing what I and others rightly call the Vatican Versions, like the ESV, NIV, NASB, NET, Holman etc. and the modern Catholic versions.

Well, Chris is absolutely correct about this and here is the PROOF that he is right 

Undeniable Proof the ESV, NIV, NASB, Holman Standard, NET etc. are  the new "Vatican Versions"

However if anybody in the audience were to ask either Chris Pinto at this point or James White this question - “Can either of you gentlemen show me a copy of what you believe IS the complete, inspired and 100% infallible words of God that I can hold in my hands, read and believe every word is from the living God?” -  you both would start hemming and hawing, and dancing around the question and would NEVER come right out and say “The ..... IS the complete and infallible words of God.” 

Why?  Because neither one of them REALLY believes that such a thing exists.  I think brother Chris Pinto is much closer to the truth than James White is by a long shot, but the end result is still the same.  Neither one of them can tell anybody where to get a copy of God’s infallible words.

May God in His mercy open the eyes of more of His people and give them the faith to believe what the Book says about itself and that God has in fact worked in history to give us the true “book of the LORD” (Isaiah 34:16).  God has not lied to us. He has kept His promise to preserve His words and “heaven and earth shall pass away, but my words shall not pass away.”

If you are still interested, my I suggest you read “God's Persistent Witness to the Absolute Standard of Written Truth  - The King James Holy Bible”

In it I show some historic “coincidences” that show why God’s true Book must come from England and why  the King James Bible is the Standard of Absolute written Truth.  

God bless.

“He that hath ears to hear, let him hear.”  Luke 8:8


Will Kinney