Another King James Bible Believer


What about the Bible Version issue and where are we headed?

This is written in response to a fellow King James Bible believer who asked me where I think the whole Bible version issue is headed.

 Bill writes: "Will, I am not sure what you are specifically studying, but aren't we seeing the transition to a "bible" that the one world will eventually embrace under the leadership of a one world leader ... we defend TRUTH and it is so very obvious to us who believe and are "rightly dividing the word of truth." Has a new "next" hit the publishing world ... ESV seems to have taken center stage in Christendom ... what do you see as of late?"

Hi Bill. You have an interesting question. I don't claim by any means to have all the answers or to know how things will play out in the future. However, I can give you my opinion, and that is all that it is. I don't think there will be some kind of "new" Bible or a definitive text of Scripture that the world will embrace. What I think is going to happen is that people of the world and weak Christians in the faith will put aside the various 'bible' editions that continually change and contradict each other. They will abandon Scripture as their guide and no longer believe it to be the infallible words of God or the Absolute Standard. We are already well on the way down this road now.

 I think most will come to consider "the Bible" as being nothing more than the religious thoughts and stories of an earlier and not fully enlightened group of people. It will be on a par with other old religious books that relate "the ever evolving religious aspirations of man as he gradually comes to a more mature spiritual awakening of who he is and what his place is in the cosmos".

 The Bible will be viewed to be much like any other religious book like the Bagavad Gita, Tao Ching, the Koran, Book of Mormon or the sayings of Buddha.  Just a relic of humanity's past religious strivings for 'enlightenment'.

What I think will happen is that a whole new authority will arise to try to unite all world religions and to find a commonality among them all. Much like Rick Warren is doing now with the Muslims. Things like the worship of One God of All and Love for the Human Brotherhood. It will be pure mysticism and  an "all roads lead to the same destination" type of thinking whereby man is on the path of recognizing his own divinity within.

I think Satan is carrying out a widespread and direct assault on the authority of the Bible and God's plan is ultimately being fulfilled through this attack. God Himself is sending a famine of hearing His words into the land.  See Amos 8:11-12

The Bible tells us of a future anti-Christ who will proclaim himself to be God. See 2 Thessalonians 2:1-4.  Since the absolute authority of The Bible will have been completely undermined, the world will embrace him as their next stage of spiritual advancement and the Bible will be completely abandoned as "an outworn relic of our spiritual infancy".

That is what I think is happening.

  May God have mercy on His people.

 "Accepted in the Beloved and clothed in His righteousness alone"  Eph. 1:6; Rev. 19:8