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When A Bible Agnostic's Mind Turns to Mush

When A Bible Agnostic's Mind Turns to Mush

Glynn B. tells us: "Will, you still after all these years do not comprehend what inerrant means. And you still confuse Bible with translation. Only the autographs were Godbreathed (not inspired as the kjv puts it) the answer, as I have always answered your ludicrous question is this,the inerrant Bible exists in the extant Greek manuscripts. there's no such thing as a perfect translation."

Well, folks, there it is. Glynn B's "inerrant Bible exists in the extant Greek manuscripts" and "only the autographs were God breathed".

Glynn's "bible" pratfall position falls flat on its face for several obvious (except for the terminally blind and dull of mind) reasons.

First, there ARE NO autographs in existence, so for Glynn to be consistent, not even his "extant Greek manuscripts" are God breathed.

Secondly, among the thousands (mostly scraps) of his "extant Greek manuscripts" (what about the Old Testament?) there are literally thousands of variant readings, numerous whole verses found in some but not in others, and different names and numbers for the same verses.

So what does a man like Glynn B. do? Does he drive around in a dump truck full of these 5000 thousand plus conflicting "extant Greek mss.', all of which differ, and often radically, from each other, and when someone asks him to SHOW US A COPY of this complete and inerrant bible of his, he can proudly point to his dump truck and confidently affirm: "There it is."

This is the kind of loopiness (if not outright stupidity) a man like Glynn Brown is trying to get us to believe.

Your hero and mentor James Wite Out would be proud of you, Glynn. You have learned well, grasshopper.

In contrast to the rampant Bible Agnosticism now spreading through professing Christendom today, you might want to check out my article called "Reasons Why The King James Bible Is The Absolute Standard - God's Historic Witness to the Truth" 


God's Historic Witness to the Absolute Truth of  The King James Holy Bible

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The next thing these Self Appointed Authorities usually bring up is to tell us that #1 "All Bibles and Greek texts are 99% the same" and that "No Doctrines have been changed."
Neither one of these statements is even remotely true.

Even Kurt Aland, of the Nestle-Aland Critical Greek Text fame, has written a book showing the textual differences that exist among 7 different Greek texts, and he didn't even include the Traditional Textus Receptus in his comparative study. Had he done so, the differences would be even greater.
Here are his findings - From my article Are all bible versions 99.5% the same?



In The Text of the New Testament, Kurt Aland and Barbara Aland compare the total number of variant-free verses, and the number of variants per page (excluding orthographic errors), among the seven major editions of the Greek NT (Tischendorf, Westcott-Hort, von Soden, Vogels, Merk, Bover, and Nestle-Aland) concluding 62.9%, or 4999/7947, agreement. They concluded, "THUS IN NEARLY TWO-THIRDS OF THE NEW TESTAMENT TEXT, the seven editions of the Greek New Testament which we have reviewed ARE IN COMPLETE ACCORD, with no differences other than in orthographical details (e.g., the spelling of names, etc.). Verses in which any one of the seven editions differs by a single word are not counted. THIS RESULT IS QUITE AMAZING, DEMONSTRATING A FAR GREATER AGREEMENT AMONG THE GREEK TEXTS OF THE NEW TESTAMENT during the past century THAN TEXTUAL SCHOLARS WOULD HAVE SUSPECTED […]. In the Gospels, Acts, and Revelation the agreement is less, while in the letters it is much greater"  


And as for the oft repeated mantra that "No Doctrines Have Been Changed"  See this ongoing study I have been doing, where I show well over 30 concrete examples of how "Fake Bibles Do Teach False Doctrines"