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Addressing the Christian Mantra of "the words of God are preserved in the original Hebrew and Greek"

Dealing with the typical Bible Agnostic Party Line of "the words of God are preserved in the original Hebrew and Greek"


Since I hear this pious sounding phrase so many times over and over again from Christians when they refer to what they believe about "the" Bible, I decided to write a short response.  One such Christian named George posted a blog that was highly critical of the King James Bible only position.  So, I asked him the following questions. 

Hi George L.. I looked at this anti-KJB only article you posted and in it the guy states the usual party line of what I refer to as the "Bible Agnostics who profess to be Bible believers but have NO inerrant Bible in any language - translated or untranslated -  they will ever show you."

In the article this man boldly states: "The words of YHWH (the Lord) were preserved in their original Hebrew and Greek language, from the generation in which they were written, and they will be preserved forever. "

That all sounds very nice and pious, but would you care to back up this religious sounding verbiage with some hard facts for us?

Can you SHOW US A COPY of this "original Hebrew and Greek" thingy Christians like you profess to believe in that has been preserved for ever?

Would you do that for us, George?  You can either give us a link to where we can see this original and preserved Hebrew and Greek (that hardly anybody in the world could even read), or tell us if it is in book form anywhere on this planet so that we too can get ourselves a copy of it?

Got one, do you?

OR, is this bold profession of faith perhaps nothing more than "Christian" mumbo-jumbo that really ends up meaning nothing at all, and you are in fact professing a faith in something you not only have never seen, but that even YOU KNOW does not exist and never did make up an entire Bible in the first place  - not even close.

So, tell us George. Do you have a REAL, in print, 100% true, inerrant and complete Bible of any kind, or are you hawking some kind of a Phantom "bible", a Fairy Tale Version, of something that you can't show or give to anybody?

How about some honesty on this issue, George?  What do you say?

Thank you.

See much more documentation about the present day growing and widespread unbelief among professing Christians regarding the inerrancy of the Bible - ANY Bible.

"The Bible is not the inspired, inerrant and 100% historically true words of God"