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2 Timothy 2:12 "If we SUFFER, we shall also reign with him"


2 Timothy 2:12 - “If WE SUFFER, we shall also reign with him; if we deny him, he also will deny us.”


When ignorant fools try to correct God’s infallible Book.


One particularly obnoxious “Greekophile” King James Bible hater I have run into claims that the King James Bible translators were “monkish Pope pleasers” who were “possessed by familiar spirits” and not even saved men. He also says that John Wesley was unsaved as were all the translators of the Geneva Bible. 


Thankfully, not all the Bible critics we run into are this ignorant or vitriolic, but this guy has definitely got his mental faculties unhinged.  


Now he has a bee in his bonnet about 2 Timothy 2:12 and tells us that “IF WE SUFFER” is “a monkish pope-pleasing mistranslation” done by the “Bible-wresting knavish KJV translators.”


Nice guy we are dealing with here, huh? 


The word in question is “υπομενομεν”, and it comes from the verb hupomeno, which in the King James Bible is variously translated as “to endure, to be patient, to take patiently and to suffer.”


So he tells us that it really should be translated as either “If we ENDURE” or “if we PATIENTLY ENDURE”.  And he says that the KJB’s “SUFFER” is  “An unexplicable inconsistency on the part of the reprobate KJV translators.”


He then quotes some translations that do it this way, like Tyndale and Coverdale that say - “If WE BE PATIENT we shall also raigne with him. If we denye him he also shall denye vs.”  


AND versions like the NKJV, NET, NASB, ESV and Holman Standard which all say: “IF WE ENDURE, we shall also reign with him.” So also read the Catholic Douay Version 1950 and the Jehovah Witness New World Translation.


The main problem this Bible critic has (aside from making himself his own final authority) is that our “Greek expert” doesn’t know his own English language very well. All he would have had to do to learn that the King James Bible (and many others as we shall soon see) is NOT in error at all, is to simply look up the English word “SUFFER” in any good English Dictionary to find out what the word means.


It is amazing how many alleged “errors” are cleared up just by looking at a Dictionary of the English language.


The English word “to suffer” has several meanings, and they are not even considered “archaic”.


One of the meanings of the word “to suffer” is “TO ENDURE, TO BEAR UP UNDER”.  Webster’s New World Dictionary.


Wordsmith English Dictionary - to suffer - to ENDURE, to tolerate, to allow, to permit, to experience pain, misfortune or distress.


Dictionary.Com - to suffer - “TO ENDURE PATIENTLY or willingly” 


Online Plain Text English Dictionary - to suffer = “TO ENDURE, or undergo without sinking; to support; to sustain; TO BEAR UP UNDER.”


Not only does the King James Bible say in 2 Timothy 2:12 “IF WE SUFFER, we shall also reign with him” but so too do Wycliffe 1395, Douay-Rheims 1582, the Geneva Bible 1587, the Beza New Testament 1599,  Daniel Mace N.T. 1729, Whiston’s Primitive N.T. 1745, John Wesley’s N.T. 1755, Worsley Version 1770, Thomas Haweis N.T. 1795, The Clarke N.T. 1795, The Newcome N.T. 1796,  Charles Thompson Translation 1808, The Wakefield N.T. 1820, The Patrick Paraphrase Bible 1822, The Kneeland N.T. 1823, The Living Oracles 1835, Webster’s Translation 1833, The Pickering N.T. 1840, The Longman Version 1841, The Hussey N.T. 1845, The Hewett N.T. 1850, The Commonly Received Version 1851, Murdock’s translation of the Syriac 1852, The Boothroyd Bible 1853, The Calvin Version 1856, Ainslie N.T. 1869, The Dillard N.T. 1885, The Clarke N.T. 1913, Lamsa’s 1933 translation of the Syriac Peshitta, New Life Version 1969, The Word of Yah 1993, The KJV 21st Century Version 1994, J.P. Green’s Modern KJV 1998 edition, The Third Millennium Bible 1998, Wycliffe Bible Revised 2001, The Tomson New Testament 2002, The Evidence Bible 2003, The Revised Geneva Bible 2005, The Jubilee Bible 2010, The Hebraic Transliteration Scripture 2010, The Conservative Bible 2011, The Work of God’s Children Illustrated Bible 2011, and the BRG Bible 2012 - “IF WE SUFFER, we shall also reign with him”


 All it takes it a little more knowledge of our own English language “to put to silence the ignorance of foolish men.” 1 Peter 2:15. 


The King James Bible is right, as always.


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